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First and foremost, this is not intended to be  Tim Howard 717 blog site, the Tim Howard soccer site or Tim Howard, the former CFO of Fannie Mae site. However, we strongly support Tim Howard, former CFO of Fannie Mae and his allegation against the government.  We believe he presented facts and true account of actual events leading up to the Conservatorship and beyond.

The Administrator and contributors are anonymous and have no political ties to any specific political parties nor personally know or have any relationship with any important politicians and/or hedge funds. 

The mission of this blog is to continue the openness and transparent discussion regarding the GSEs and legal proceedings and status. I hope everyone finds this blog helpful toward the quest for justice and the ending of the GSEs Conservatorship with the release back to private ownership. 

Your comments, input, contributions and collaboration will help all members and visitors to achieve the mission of the release, re-list and recapitalization of the GSEs.

Your voices will be heard but spam will be deleted.

All protected, privileged and non-public information should NOT be posted on this site and shall be deleted upon notification.  Key public evidence and public information are more than welcome including copies of legal documents, court orders, transcripts and other filings.

Do not share any information from this site to Honorable Judge Margaret Sweeney per court order!

Very important message, this blog is NOT intended to provide investment and/or legal advice, and should not be relied upon by anyone to constitute investment and/or legal advice. Please consult with your own personal investment and/or legal advisers.

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