Obama Administration’s Relationship With Press Among The Worst Ever, Report Shows

The Huffington Post| By Jackson Connor

Posted: 03/04/2015 10:39 am EST

During his first days in the White House, President Barack Obama promised to usher in an era of openness in government, stating that a new commitment to transparency would only serve to “strengthen our democracy.” But now, some seven years later, a new study conducted by the Columbia Journalism Review suggests that relations between the White House and the media have never been so closed off.

CJR looked at press briefings, conducted interviews with White House press secretaries and correspondents, and studied every official interaction between Obama and the press corps last year, all with the goal of shining a light on the president’s complex relationship with the media. What CJR found was a “White House determined to conceal its workings from the press, and by extension, the public.”